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Comfort Foods: Merlot, French Cheese, and Dog Treats

pair with merlot
pair with merlot

I couldn’t make up this story about equal opportunity comfort food.

I’m on the email list for Margot Kenly, owner of Blue Dog Bakery.

Here’s the story (with permission to post) written in her latest email newsletter. Readers often write in with testimonials usually from observing their dog’s enthusiasm but this has a slightly different bent.

“I tried a box of your biscuits for my 15 year old Golden Retriever. While he was enjoying his biscuit, I read the ingredients and after seeing that the ingredients were completely healthy, I decided to try one myself. The texture was perfect, not too hard and not too soft. The initial flavor was quite enjoyable. You could really taste the molasses and a hint of peanut butter with a smooth finish.

Last night while purchasing another box, I offered one to the butcher at the local Vons super market. He took one bite and then commenced in gobbling the entire dog biscuit. This is not a joke; it really happened.

Tonight I’m going to wash down a couple of your biscuits with a glass of merlot and perhaps a wedge of some good French cheese.

I lived in Ballard for some years so it doesn’t surprise me that such an outstanding product comes out of Seattle. Me and my dog thank you.”

A. from Las Vegas, NV

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