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Of All the Juice Joints in This Town (Xoom Juice – Tucson)

…I walk into Xoom Juice. Perhaps it was the futuristic sign that drew me in or just that it was 100-degrees that day and I was as dehydrated as a raisin.

You know that Mazda commercial that goes “zoom, zoom, zoom” well, sometimes in my head it goes “xoom, xoom, xoom” and I find myself a bit dazed inside a Xoom Juice joint.

Anyway, the first time I walked into Xoom Juice, I thought it was a slick California chain. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Xoom Juice is locally owned;  there are three Xooms in Tucson, and one in Boulder.

All are sleek, modern, even futuristic. I think Xoom Juice is the Picasso of juice because the names are clever and the combinations sublime such as painted desert (guava juice, peaches, strawberries, frozen yogurt, supplement) or black and blue (soy milk, blackberries, blueberries, granola, frozen yogurt, double protein) or acai 101 (apple juice, acai, strawberries, bananas, supplement) and many more…

All juice is unsweetened. You get a choice of supplements such as energy, antioxidant, cold fighter, multi vitamin, weight trimmer, hangover, brainwave, etc. Xoom uses only real fruit. Smoothies have a low glycemic load so you don’t blast off into sugarville and come down hard soon thereafter.

Going to Xoom Juice is one of the stops on my quintessential Tucson tour. Let thirst for healthy sipping be your guide.

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