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Cocktails: Infused Spirits

Today’s buzzword is infusion. Have you noticed how everything is infused lately even cocktails?

Tea is infused. Sparkling water is infused. Sports drinks are infused. Aromatherapy is infused. Spirits are infused so why not cocktails?

At Qube Restaurant in Seattle, they have whipped up some original cocktails.
The Buddha Samba is a margarita with cumin salt rim and made with tamarind-infused tequila. Yum. One has to wonder if the meal is then spicy or bland to complement the cocktail?

The Pink Geisha is saketini made with Nigori sake and cranberry. Pearsuasion (I love clever names) is a pear martini made with vodka, pear brandy, pear puree, pineapple, and sugar rum. (And to think, I’ve only eaten ripe pears with blue cheese.)

My compliments to the bartender as I would love to have been in on this cocktail tasting fest. The Lycheetini is a popsicle martini with lychee-infused Korean vodka and a cardamom peach ice lollipop. That’s got to be a summer winner. And you can enjoy the Berry-Spicy made with clove-infused gin, muddled raspberries, ginger and pineapple syrup.
All of a sudden I am so thirsty.

Under the direction of Angel Aguilar, chief mixologist and sommelier, Qube’s innovative cocktails are gorgeously presented; garnished with edible flowers like orchids, fresh and pickled fruits like kumquats, rimmed with spices that include ginger sugar and finished with final touches such as green tea whipping cream and orange water. Aguilar is infusing a broad selection of spirits in-house, including a special threesome sampler tasting using Korean Soju vodka mingled with lychee, raspberries, and pineapple.

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