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Indian Food Restaurant Dayton Ohio – A Long Tail Dining Experience

Indian FoodI had a Long Tail dining experience recently at a great Indian restaurant in Dayton Ohio.  I have not been the same since. 

But before I get into that, I want to make sure you are with me on “The Long Tail”. This simple concept may change how you look at everything in your life — including food.  I know it has mine.

I’ve explained the concept of “The Long Tail” in a previous post, but if you are a visual person or would like a refresher, I recently found this short YouTube video that explains the Long Tail concept, in a British accent, no less. 

My long tail dining experience starts with choice.  I am presented with not one, but two special menus, in addition to the regular menu, each with 20 different dishes containing almost infinite variety.  Fish, lamb, chicken are paired with apricots, spices, yogurt making my taste buds go wild just reading it.

To paraphrase Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz:  “Toto, we are not in Dayton anymore”.  I feel like I am on an adventure.  I know I am going to experience new tastes — not sure if I should play it safe or venture out.  I decide to venture out.  I am not disappointed.

We sit back and relax waiting for the food to come.  It does not all come at once.  But that is OK.  We are reveling in the experience and enjoying something other than the predictable.  Let their chef’s creativity control the sequencing of the dishes. 

We all share the first dish and cannot believe our taste buds. The next dish is just as wonderful.

OK.  Let’s stop here a minute and analyze this.  Here it is, two days later, and I am still talking about the meal and already planning on going back.  Can you say this about your last dining experience at Bob Evans?  I rest my case.

The Indian Restaurant is called “Maharaja of Dayton” and is located near the Mall at Fairfield Commons.

Don’t settle for mediocrity as the norm for your life.  Take a risk and try something new. You may be disappointed but you may have the experience of your life — a long tail experience.  

  1. Thank you for your wonderful comments and review. I am the owner of the facility and wanted to express my sincere thanks for describing your wonderful experience at our restaurant. I would enjoy meeting your acquaintance.

    thank you

  2. I have been living in Philippines for the last 20 years. Once i visited India along with my parents and the food culture there was really amazing and very diversified. Each and every state there has it’s own speciality in especially in food (language cloths, and tradition would be other terms). I enjoyed many recepies their, some of them i remember Chola bhatoora, shahi paneer, matar paner i like most. If in future i will get a chance to visit India, I would not like to miss it, exclusively for Indian Food 🙂

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