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Coffee Humor: Size Does Matter

Coffee has come a long way since my mother plugged in the percolator and the smell of morning coffee permeated the house. After awhile instant coffee came along and that heavenly aroma disappeared. I do believe that instant coffee is the worse beverage on earth which is probably why I didn’t drink coffee until my early 20s when I went to work full time and needed the jolt to perk up (still do).

I was thinking how coffee has evolved. I ran out to do a morning errand and realized that I only had 79 cents in my purse along with a credit card and debit card. It was 9:30 a.m. and my first cup of tea at 7:30 a.m. was wearing off as I was hungry and crabby. However, I had a Starbucks card (a gift) and went in and ordered a reduced fat banana muffin and a cup of coffee.

The place was kind of empty but still had the come and go traffic that every coffee house desperately needs. To me, Starbucks marketing is brilliant, in the same vein as Chico’s (women’s clothes). Starbucks does not designate their coffee as small, medium, and large because who in their right mind wants to spend $1.75 on a small cup of brewed coffee?

Instead Starbucks has renamed the small, medium, and large to tall, grande, and venti. Venti is trademarked. After tall and grande, extra large just doesn’t sound right. Venti sounds so “in”, so hip. I guess they trademarked it so other coffee chains don’t copy.

Marry the word latte with venti and it’s better than basking your aching feet in the Trevi Fountain. Let’s face facts: It’s so not Circle K.

(As for Chico’s, they have sized the clothes from 0 (zero) to 3. So if you’re a size 14, you’re a 3.)

How cool is that?

  1. Last month I got together with a college roommate of mine. We did fun things all afternoon, then went to dinner.

    Before dropping her off at her car, we took a detour to Chico’s to play “extreme makeover” — another form of female bonding.

    She wasn’t too keen on trying clothes on after just eating but she was game.

    Turns out, she had never been to Chico’s before and was really liking the size 0-1-2-3 concept. After an hour or so, we were ready to leave, but not before she did a little damage to her wallet.

    Yes, size does matter — these people are marketing geniuses. Who would think we could be manipulated so easily?

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