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50th Birthday: Happy Birthday to Me

European BakeryYes.  Today is my 50th birthday.  And like all birthdays, the focus is on food.  My “official” food celebration will be in a few days when my brother comes in to town. But I have a dilemma – do I please everyone else or please myself with the choices?

He hinted that a big juicy steak would taste good.  He used to live in the area and I knew that he was subtly suggesting we go to The Pine Club — a local institution that has not changed in 50 years.  It does not accept credit cards even to this day.  Yes, they have great steaks but I am not a steak eater and that is about all they serve. 

Dilemma.  Do you try to satisfy others or be selfish because it is your birthday?  I decide to go for the selfish angle.  Well, not altogether.  I am up to the challenge of finding something everyone can enjoy.

My criteria for a good time?  Well, I decide that it is important to me to have the restaurant be lively and fun.  Light and airy.  I don’t like quiet restaurants that seem stuffy.  Those are for old people. 

I decide on a trendy restaurant called Coco’s located downtown.  I like going downtown.  I make the reservations.  But then my husband brings me back to reality and reminds me that the last time I was there, I did not enjoy my meal.  I had lamb and it was nothing special.  I only had lamb because they didn’t have what I really wanted — fish.  They did not have any fish other than salmon and I was not in the mood for salmon.  Back to the drawing board.

Then I remembered the Indian Restaurant that I went to recently.  I have been there three times and every meal was a winner.  Of course!

50.  A half century.  It is a good time to pause and reflect on what is important to me. Someone once asked me if I had a dream.  I said yes.  I’d love to live in a foreign country for one year. Maybe England or Italy (although I don’t speak Italian).

I want to live simply, maybe get a job in a bakery.  Live among the people and melt into their culture so that I experience things that tourists never see.

It is a dream, but one that could happen if I choose to make it happen.  It’s all about leaving your comfort zone and taking a risk.  You can always talk yourself out of it.  I hope that does not happen. 

  1. Coco,

    Happy Birthday

    I vote for being selfish on your birthday. After all, you only turn 50 once and it’s about you — not him.

    He’ll still love you just the same.

    It sounds like the steak joint isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so next time he visits, tell him that’s where you all can go.

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