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Chocolate Desserts: Ice Cream: Chocolate Jalapeno Sundae

One thing to note about Tucson’s diverse restaurant scene — it’s not vanilla. True foodies far and wide have been known to embrace and fantasize about J-Bar’s chocolate jalapeno ice cream sundae, the most written about dessert in Tucson. 

This dessert has a Latin history. First, you must understand that chocolate is a gift shared by the Mayans. Secondly, jalapenos are used to season Mexican and New Mexican foods. In other words, you wouldn’t find this chocolate jalapeno sundae on the menu in a Greek or Chinese restaurant even in Tucson. 

Now for the dessert — picture a tall glass soda fountain goblet and a long spoon for digging to the bottom of the glass. Pour warm vanilla custard into the bottom of the glass. Add two or three scoops of rich chocolate jalapeno ice cream. Top with  heated bittersweet chocolate fudge sauce and something crunchy and possibly a dab of real whipped cream.

The explosion of flavors, textures, and temperatures truly rocks!  

Voila! It’s a memorable signature dessert served at Janos (Southwestern-French cuisine) and J-Bar (new Latin cuisine). I prefer J-Bar because the food is more in my price range and not as formal as Janos. Both are under the same roof at Westin La Paloma Resort and under the direction of Janos Wilder. 

What’s your dessert pleasure?

  1. Yeah.

    And after your first tastes, all you can say is “Omigod . . . . Omigod. . . Oh……mi……..god, this is soooo goood !”

    It’s worth flying to Tucson to have one.

  2. Rosemary Ice Cream! I had it once at a bed and breakfast in California and have fantacized about it ever since. Subtle, exotic flavor to-die-for. I bought their cookbook just to get the recipe and tried to make it once, but it was never the same.

  3. Basil gelato!

    I know that sounds weird but many years ago, my dear friend MJ and I were in Sonoma or Napa and had lunch at La Trivigne and basil gelato was on the dessert menu.

    She hesitated but I talked her into it and it was the most refreshingly unique gelato in the whole world.

    I would like to see more herbal sorbets and gelatos.

  4. I had a great meal at the Jay Bar in Tucson last week. Had appetizer of ground lamb and other stuff. Very good. My entree was a special – a plantain encrusted chicken with nice slaw etc. My friends had the vegetable entree and my friend the spicy pork. I had to try the chocolate jalapeno sundae. My friends had it before . But the 3 of us dug into the sundae. The mild heat after the chocolate is something else. Wow. A memorable meal indeed. And it was reasonably priced at summer rates!
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  5. I’ve heard lots about jalapeno ice cream, and I’d love to try some. Is there a company that makes and distributes it to customers or to stores. I am in Kansas. If you can help, please reply.

  6. Mr Tony
    I have seen jalapeno ice cream on menus here and there. For retail/wholesale purposes, I think you should contact local ice cream makers and see if they have a formula. Or even local ice cream shops might make a batch if the demand is there.

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