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Memories, Retro: Soda Pop

Nesbitt soda pop
Retro soda pop

My first and second cousins and I have a Yahoo Groups list going and our most recent conversation which has now been going on for at least three weeks is about memories and what we remember.

It seems that memories is something we all have in common, even though we remember incidents differently, some acute and some fuzzy. We remember Aunt Fanny’s house with her polished furniture and candy dish filled with spearmint candy. We remembered the big marlin on the wall. We remembered how glamorous Aunt Fanny always seemed. Our memories were sketchy about other things but together all ten of us have managed to flesh out a part of our past.

Some people remember exact conversations. My cousin Sonny who is the oldest on the list seems to have the best memory too. He told a funny story which made all of us admit to laughing aloud. He said that one time his mother was driving a bunch of people to Yankee Lake for recreation and the car was so crowded that he had to sit between the door and the steering wheel. Okay, it was a big car (most likely a Buick) with bench seats and he was a tall, skinny kid but the visual is just too funny.

First it the conversation flowed to our grandparents and some childhood antics but as always the conversation turns to food. We talked about the various kinds of penny candy and what we ate at the movies and then soda pop. Soda pop always used to taste better back then. Some of my uncles and cousins were in the beverage business so we always seem to have a refrigerator full of glass soda pop bottles.

Cousin Ernie said he was hankering for Nesbitt’s which it turns out is a brand of orange soda pop.

Galco’s, the soda pop stop, in Los Angeles seems to have a walk down memory lane via soda  pop.

What’s your preference in soda pop?

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