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Fine Dining: What Equates to Good Service

This past weekend my friend Sandee was visiting from Los Angeles. On a previous occasion we had gone to the Arizona Inn for a light repast in the piano bar. Piano bars seem to be fading in popularity but I like going as it’s restful (usually) and non-threatening to sit in the piano bar vs. just a bar, or so that appeals to my comfort level.

In this particular piano bar, you can sit at regular tables for dining or on comfy couches around the perimeter. Sandee opted for the comfy couch although we told the hostess that we were going to wine and dine. She put down some menus and that was that.

Ten minutes later although there were a fury of waiters walking around no one gave us a second thought. We put down our menus and waited politely trying to get eye contact. Finally I waved to a waiter and said that we had been waiting for 10 minutes. He apologized profusely and the service began and didn’t stop. We were now in the waiters’ radar.

After clearing our plates and drinks, he brought dessert menus but we both declined dessert. At that point, he said that he wanted to treat us to desserts because we waited so long to be served.

Now that’s class. 

And really, who can say no to dessert?

Dessert was wonderful and we tipped above and beyond. Of course, we wanted good service to be rewarded.

I’ve had bad, mediocre, and horrific service and where no one tries to make it better or apologizes so the Arizona Inn (which rightfully has been awarded the AAA four diamonds) knows how to do it right.

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What does good service mean to you?

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