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Elegant German Chocolate Wedding Cake Adorned with Cymbidium Orchids

German Chocolate Cake with Cymbidium OrchidsAs I mentioned, the focus of my business, Good Taste Cake Designs LLC in Durham, NC  is on wedding cakes. This week’s wedding was an intimate affair for 374 guests.

That’s a lot of cake I hear you cry. Well… yeah, it is. But really, it was a fairly simple cake for presentation, and a few half sheet cakes for mass consumption.

The presentation cake consisted of three round tiers (6″, 10″ and 14″ – which is pretty standard size) of three layers each of German’s® Chocolate cake.

The history of German Chocolate Cake is interesting. German’s® Chocolate Cake, isn’t really German in origin. Rather it is named after the chocolate used to make the cake. The chocolate being Baker’s® German’s® chocolate, now a subsidiary of Kraft® foods. But, I digress.

German’s® is a semi-sweet chocolatate, roughly 40% cocoa. In reality, you could substitute any *good* quality semi-sweet baking chocolate for German’s® chocolate.

They say that January and February are slow months for weddings. The weddings are few and far between. So when asked to produce cake for a small, intimate affair of 350, one would have to reconsider Feburary being a slow month for cake.

This week’s bride was wonderful to work with. She wanted something fairly simple for the cake. And when her fiancee requested his favorite — German Chocolate Cake — she didn’t deny him.

To go with the rustic theme of the reception, the cake was not iced in the traditional wedding white. Rather, the traditional German Chocolate Icing of caramel with coconut and pecans was used to fill the layers and coat the top, leaving the sides au natural.

Oooey, Gooey and soooooo good. The cake was adorned with Cymbidium Orchids, which picked up the browns of the cake and frosting. Simple, Stylish, Elegant. Along with the presentation cake, there were three half sheet cakes to insure that there would be plenty of cake for all who joined in the celebration.

Aside from the wedding there was a 50th wedding celebration. The cake was a Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Ganache and Orange filling, iced in Italian Buttercream with Chocolate Ganache and silk Bird of Paradise accents. Real Bird of Paradise shouldn’t go on a cake as the plant is toxic.

The surprise of the week was the run on the Blue Velvet cupcakes over at the Q-Shack… who knew people would eat blue food?


  1. This cake is almost exactly what I want for my wedding. I am not a cake lover however german chocolate is his favorite cake and the cymbidium orchids is our wedding flower. My cake to be will be 3 layers per tier also – one chocolate cake, thin layer of traditional german chocolate frosting, one creamcheese cake w/toasted coconut and pecans,another thin layer of traditional german chocolate frosting, layer of chocoloate cake – the entire cake will be covered with a cream cheese frosting. The cheese cake will be frozen to keep the cake from falling (LOL); we have already done a tasting and it is amazing!

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