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Chocolates: I Love Norman Love and the Chocolate Salon

Yesterday we went to the Chocolate Salon at Norman Love’s. This is truly a place for sophisticated and well-heeled chocolate lovers. Off the beaten track in Ft. Myers, Florida there are numerous ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Dan's Chocolates

I ordered a raspberry chocolate truffle drink which was a heady blend of raspberries, dark chocolate, white chocolate, espresso and whipped cream. My sister in law ate a small bag of sugar free chocolate and nut bark washed down with a decaf and my brother ate a peanut butter and chocolate cookie the size of Rhode Island and a grande latte.

Then there are bites of samples — yesterday little cubes of key lime white chocolate and toffee/chocolate slivers excited our tongues.

A cool feature is that you can pick your own candy to fill various sized boxes. There were also stunning pastries and mousses too pretty to eat and assorted chocolate bars.

This time we didn’t taste any chocolates except for the samples but on previous occasions did buy an assortment of truffles with unusual ganache creme centers. The amazing things about some of these chocolates is they don’t look like chocolate but instead luminescent pieces of jewelry and high end trinkets.

Norman Love — yes, that’s his real name — has quite a history in the pastry world. His bio and website is worth reading.

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