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Chocolate: Look What $10,000 Buys

Here is the ultimate indulgence for you and 40 of your chocoholic friends:

Dan's ChocolatesThis is way better than being trapped in a chocolate factory all night. Imagine an unlimited supply of exquisite morello cherries aged in kirsch and enrobed in a 60 percent cocoa blended chocolate; creamy chocolate ganache covered in milk chocolate and rolled neatly in cocoa powder; framboise-filled 72 percent cocoa chocolate cups; heart-shaped dark chocolate bonbons; candied orange slices dipped in a 72 percent cocoa chocolate; voluptuous iced “hot” chocolate; and top-shelf champagne. 

Chocolat Michel Cluizel’s chocolate sommeliers educate you and your good friends about the nuances of single-plantation varietals, carefully calculated cocoa blends, and the storied history of chocolate in all its forms throughout the centuries.

Nobody throws a  party like this! For $10,000 Chocolat Michel Cluizel will close its doors to the public and shower you and your party all night with chocolate and more chocolate.

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