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Cocktails: Limoncello Shots and Buzz Marketing Miracles

Limoncello shots

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Prior to a few week’s ago, limoncello was a relatively obscure alcoholic consumable limited to an after dinner liqueur served at pricey Italian bistros.

But somehow hunky George Clooney and punky Danny DeVito go drinking one night and get really inebriated and blame their state of buzzdom on limoncello shots. (Oh, to be a fly on that wall or better yet the bartender.)

Damn! You couldn’t ask for any better product placement. In the world of marketing, we say limoncello tipped.

According for limoncello to be called limoncello, it must have a volume of what percent alcohol?

In Wikipedia, limoncello is a lemon liqueur produced in Southern Italy made from lemon rinds, alchohol, water, and sugar. It sounds innocent enough but watch out!

Sip sparingly and responsibly.

  1. My great uncle used to make his own limoncello. Of course, it was forbidden juice as I was a mere teen. Once at the tender age of 15, I begged him to let me taste it. He did and I had a few sips and fell off the chair.

    Whoa! Potent stuff.

  2. Marketing Miracles?

    Hey Karyn,

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