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Super Bowl Legends and Food Related Urban Myths

True or False:  Two thirds of all avocados are sold within weeks of Super Bowl Sunday.

Since Super Bowl Sunday is an event for excessive celebrating, drinking, and eating — it almost makes sense that the perfect festive snack food of chips and dips, that guacamole would be consumed in huge volumes. In some  parts of the country, Super Bowl Sunday is also dubbed Super Guacamole Sunday, so again reason to believe that avocados are more popular than other times of the year.

According to the California Avocado Commission, Super Bowl Sunday accounts for a boost of about 5 percent in avocado sales not 66 percent.

Five percent equals 8 million pounds which is a whole lot of guacamole going on. The answer to the above question is false.

Can you guess which holiday generates 14 million pounds of avocado sales

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