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I Never Met a Carbohydrate I Didn’t Like

What is it about carbohydrates that fill our hearts as well as our hips?

Once upon a time for several months I was on the Atkins Diet and ate no carbs and didn’t miss them either until I went on vacation and fell from grace and had a glorious carb binge that never paused or looked back.

The other evening, a good friend and fellow Greyhound volunteer invited me over to pay homage to my dearly departed dog. She told me to invite some friends so I invited other Greyhound volunteers who also recently lost their dogs.

Cynthia was hosting the party and said not to bring any food. It was a blustery night and the aroma of something delicious filled the house.

Cynthia brought a casserole of macaroni and cheese to the table. Ah, oh, yum as we held out our plates to be generously annointed with this comfort food. Everyone shared a fond macaroni and cheese story and no one remembered eating macaroni and cheese in awhile.

Not traditional, her mac and cheese had Worcestershire sauce, sour cream, cheddar cheese, peas, mushroom slivers, and was topped with pumpkin seeds for crunch. She offered no recipe — it was what she had on hand and thought it would work along with penne pasta. It worked especially the browned pieces which were like coveted treasures.

We also drank wine (from a decanter so the brand was unknown except as a robust red) and ate soft potato biscuits slathered with butter.

For dessert, she made pumpkin bread squares while I broke the rule and brought assorted cookies from the farmers market in New Mexico.

The entire evening was spent drinking wine, eating delicious meaningful carbs, and talking about our dogs. I was amazingly nourished both body and soul with good food, good friends, and good feelings.

  1. You and me both. What is it about carbohydrates that lead us overboard? Carbohydrates offer me a sense of well being even though like too much booze, I’ll probably regret it in the morning.

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