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Twins Separated at Birth at Restaurant

Twins separated at birth at restaurantThings are not always as they seem.  I was at a restaurant people watching until our food came.  A group came in consisting of about 6 people. I didn’t think much of it until I noticed that the two women both had the same nose, face, blonde hair, and the same body build.  They even wore the same color shirts. 

I commented to my companion that they were surely sisters — their likeness was uncanny.  He immediately replied that they had to be twins.  We were very smug for our insightful observation until the hostess seated them at opposite sides of the restaurant — each sister going their separate way, obviously in separate parties. 

We immediately started rationalizing about those stories you see on TV about twins separated at birth but raised 12 miles from each other and neither knowing about the other.  Surely this was the case.  How could we be so wrong?

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