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The Blender Bender – A Must Have Kitchen Appliance

If I were to name three must-have kitchen appliances, the blender would be one of them.

There are some cool blenders out on the market that are color coordinated like Waring blenders. This green one reminds me of milkshake machines from yesteryear. Any blender will do just make sure your blender crushes ice.

Blenders take a few simple ingredients and turn them into a richly satisfying concoction. For instance, take some orange juice, half a ripe banana, and a sprinkling of cinnamon with crushed ice cubes and you have a refreshing breakfast or anytime smoothie. What to swirl around in a blender is only limited to your imagination.

If you like making cocktails for a crowd, a blender is a must. Shaken not stirred may be your motto with easy to make nachos, grilled burgers, and tart margaritas. Just invite me and I’ll be there. Though some aficianados like their margaritas on the rocks, blender bender margaritas make perfect sense for a crowd.

Here’s a recipe that my friend Penny swears by: 1 6 oz. can of frozen limeade, 6 oz. of tequila, and 6 oz. beer. Give it a blender bender whirl along with 6 oz. of crushed ice. Pour into frosty martini glasses and garnish with lime slices. Cheers!

  1. I started using hand blenders when my first baby was born. I made him all of his food at home and there was nothing easier than the hand blender. Fast Forward 15 years and I’m on my 4th blender. I like the Bosch brand and had seen this one with a renoun Chef’s name added. I got a much better price here. The blender itself is not very powerful, but sufficient for most easy jobs. I really like the fact that it is cordless.

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