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KitchenAid Coffee Grinder Earns Coveted Space on My Countertop

KitchenAid Coffee GrinderDeciding to buy a new KitchenAid coffee grinder was one of the easiest decisions my husband and I ever made together.  This is quite remarkable given that in our marriage we work as a team with equal voting power, and as with all “committees”, this can sometimes slow down the process to the point of deadlock.

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What helped us arrive at this decision so quickly was that we already had experience owning another coffee grinder and we quickly learned what features we liked and did not like.  His new coffee grinder requirements are that it must be: quiet, sturdy, powerful, and easy-to-clean.  In addition to that, I wanted it to:  look good with our stainless steel appliances, be easy-to-use, save time, and take up minimal space on our countertop.

Our first coffee grinder was a Black and Decker.  He chose the Black and Decker coffee grinder because of its brand name, thinking that it would have a powerful motor to last a long time – which it did.  The problem was that it was cheaply constructed and poorly designed.

The Black and Decker had plastic grinding parts that started to break off after a while.  It took up a lot of space on the countertop (almost twice that of our new KitchenAid), and was messy (transferring the coffee grounds from its wide-rimmed receptable to the drip coffee pot left coffee grounds everywhere). 

But probably the most important factor for us wanting to find a different solution was that I avoided using it because it was too much fuss.  I felt that it took too much of my time to use and clean.

Our New KitchenAid coffee grinder, model BCG100, solved all those problems and more.  The deep grinding chamber is brushed stainless and is visible through the hi-impact, clear plastic cover.  We chose the black version of the grinder, because it looks particularly good with our stainless steel appliances.  It’s also available in the typical KitchenAid assortment of colors – white, empire red and cobalt blue – all equally attractive. 

The all-metal grinding parts do an excellent job of grinding up to 4 ounces of coffee to your granularity preference.  The built-in safety features make it impossible for “little helping hands” to get near any moving parts.  With a 5 inch sturdy base, it takes up very little real estate on the counter top.  It is easy to clean and looks very European with its clean lines.

I know looks aren’t everything but they do matter.  I am constantly struggling to find a happy medium between a “non-cluttered” kitchen countertop for aesthetics and the practical, at-your-fingertips convenience of kitchen appliances that I use everyday.

That is why it is so remarkable that the KitchenAid coffee grinder earns the right to exist on our countertop.  It looks great, performs great, and takes up minimal space on the countertop. 

But most importanly, I actually look forward to using it every day.  The ritual of grinding your own fresh coffee beans can be quite enjoyable and fast if you have the right coffee grinder and I heartily recommend the KitchenAid model BCG100.

Buy this KitchenAid coffee grinder now from our online store.

  1. Wow.
    What a great explanation.
    I definitely understand where you are coming from [due to your detailed description] of how and why you would be so bothered with using a loser coffee grinder.

    I’m really glad that you found the one you like, I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time I’m going shopping and want to pick up a coffee mixer, lately I’ve tried to lay off the coffee.

    I’m onto hot tea now.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Very helpful post. Thanks! I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I go shopping for a new coffee grinder…our current one is in its last throes.

  3. WOW, I was looking for coffee grinder and Capresso Infinity burr grinder looking perfect grinder. But this is spacial grinder and low gears slow the motor down.


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