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My First Cup Of Coffee

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Believe it or not, I didn’t have my first cup of coffee until I was in my mid-40’s.

Both my parents were coffee drinkers; Dad took cream and Mom liked it black.  So, I was raised with it in the house.  Still, I never drank it.  It always tasted bitter.

Mother always bought Maxwell House coffee in the big 5 pound tins; already ground.  I always looked forward to a freshly opened can.  I’d rush over and ask to take a sniff.  It was always best on the first sniff.  I’d inhale it very slowly and savor the smell of what I later learned to be the effects of roasting the beans.  Still, I never drank it.

Years later, Starbucks or no Starbucks, I credit my husband for turning me on to coffee.  You see, he would put sugar in his.   I had no idea what a difference sugar could make.  He doctored my first cup of coffee with cream and sugar (which I quickly converted to Splenda to save calories as my consumption increased) to create his own version of a latte. Let me tell you non-coffee drinking virgins out there in on a little secret — when coffee is properly doctored up, it tastes like hot cocoa; and that is a very good thing.

  1. As I sip my morning coffee and read this, it reminds me of how/why I started drinking coffee back in college. Friends doctored mine up with lots (and lots) of sugar and cream, and I thought it was the best thing ever! Now, 20 years later, I don’t use sugar anymore (usually honey, stevia, or even no sweetener!). But it’s the aroma in the morning and the taste of that first cup that really do it for me! There’s nothing like it. 🙂

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