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Russell Wright Retro Clock Tells More Than Just the Time

Green Acres
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I grew up in the 60’s on a farm in SW Ohio. My parents were literally like Oliver Wendell Douglas and Lisa on the comedy TV show Green Acres; Dad was a city boy lawyer and Mom was a dress designer turned housewife — really. 

In 1963, Dad bought a 10-acre farm for $12,500 that came with a Ford tractor and a two-bedroom house (for 5 people, I might add) that only had one toilet and a sink — no shower. 

Oliver Wendell Douglas
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He did this on his own, without consulting my mother when she was on a trip to visit her frail mother in California.  He was and is very impulsive.  My mother was livid.  My childhood was very interesting to say the least.

Russell Wright Retro ClockOur kitchen had a flesh-colored ceramic clock on the wall above the sink.  Years later, I learned that it was an authentic Russell Wright retro clock and the color was called “coral”, but I didn’t know it at the time.  It was just an ugly clock that did not go with the rest of our furniture. 


I loved that retro clock.  It played an important part in our lives when we were growing up; not just for me but my brothers, as well.  I can’t tell you how many times we share the story of one of them shooting off its second hand with a dart gun.  We never did find that second hand.


I don’t know whatever happened to that retro clock.  After my mother died and Dad moved to a smaller place, it just disappeared. 

Years later I found out from my sister that Mom was quite fashionable in her day and she had other modern retro furniture that did match that Russell Wright retro clock; before she married Dad.  Wow.  I even found out that she made more money than my Dad did before they got married.  Who knew?

That explains a lot.  That explains why I have a haunting fascination with retro kitchen items, retro furniture, retro plates, retro fabrics…  It’s in my genes.

  1. I found a list of the delicious color names for the Russell Wright retro designs; who can resist:

    salmon, lemon ice, parsley green, nutmeg, lettuce green, ice blue, seafoam green, granite grey, glacier blue, black chutney, bean brown, coral, chartreuse, cedar green, and canteloupe.

  2. I loved your article about your Russell Wright wall clock, I am in the precess of moving and just located my mothers clock which stood above her sink. I had forgot about it since it has been in storage for years. It also has brought back many memories,mine has its second hand. Again enjoyed to read your recollections. Thanks.

  3. Just an update on this post – I always thought people were supposed to have poor color “memory”, but when my siblings saw my “replacement” clock they recognized right away that the color was not the same.

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