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Thanksgiving: Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s that time of year again when the bird is the word. I remember my first year away from home, I decided to make a turkey for Thanksgiving. At that time I found it extremely gross to stick my hand inside the bird and pull out the packaged gizzards. It just felt like some weird invasion of privacy mixed with a touch of horror flick.

I made stuffing but in a separate casserole. I remember that it was a Butterball turkey because that was the most branded turkey of its time and probably still is. The turkey seemed like it cooked all day and it probably did. When it came out of the oven and rested, I realized that I didn’t have the proper knife to carve it. These were the minimalist days of our lives. We lived in an apartment and had to go down the hall knocking on doors until someone had the proper tool. It was a good way to meet the neighbors and one fine gentleman who was well into his 40’s (we were in our early 20’s) volunteered to carve the turkey so we invited him to dinner. It was an apt match because he helped out with many maintenance fixes and became our friend for many years to come.

It doesn’t matter that I eat turkey all year long – I’m still programmed to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Turkey is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol. Turkey consumption is year-around with just 32 percent served during the holidays. The average person consumes about l7.7 pounds each year.
If you love turkey too, here are 20 ways to eat it:
1. Turducken – Totally weird
2. Fried turkey
3. Smoked turkey
4. Roast turkey
5. Turkey (and turkey-shaped) cookies
6. Turkey (and turkey-shaped) cakes
7. Turkey chili
8. Turkey meatloaf
9. Turkey soup
10. Turkey burger
11. Turkey cupcakes – What the heck is this?
12. Turkey meatballs
13. Barbecue turkey
14. Turkey casserole
15. Turkey salad
16. Turkey pot pie
17. Grilled turkey
18. Tofu turkey
19. Rotisserie turkey
20. Turkey lasagna
SOURCE: Yahoo! Buzz

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