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Food Humor: Dieting Circa 1974

Okay. Some of you reading this weren’t even born in 1974 but some of you were.

If you’re like me you’ve been on every diet known to woman. I’ve been on the Weight Watchers diet and have received a key, Atkin’s (no carbs), the grapefruit diet, the ice cream diet, the Beverly Hills diet, Nutri-Systems, Jenny Craig, the cabbage-vegetable soup diet, the fast, Isagenix, the brown rice diet, Slim Fast, and South Beach Diet. I’m sure that I’m forgetting at least a half dozen more diets.

I always think of a diet as a 4-letter word. I don’t for a minute believe that any diet works because I always fall off the wagon sooner or later (most likely sooner) and go back to my old habits with a venegeance.

I remember being on Weight Watchers when we had to eat 8 oz of protein three times a day and I also remember when fruit didn’t count as calories or points or anything. Since I love fruit, that was a glorious plan…

But people on diets have to have a sense of humor and this is one of the funniest websites that I’ve seen about dieting. The writer, Candy Boots, makes fun of Weight Watcher recipe cards that she found in her mother’s basement.

Who wants a helping of rosy perfection salad?

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