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Dark Chocolate Truffles Lower Daily Stress

Dan's ChocolatesAh, just reading about dark chocolate truffles already lowers my blood pressure by a few points. Although I half-heartedly remember to take my daily supplements — I’m sure my memory would vastly improve when it would be time to consume a dark chocolate truffle.

Currently, I pop a valium if available but chocolate truffles would be so much more dandy.

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, a British M.D./nutritionist, has developed all natural dark chocolate truffles that combine delicious unprocessed chocolate, raspberries, and an amino acid clinically proven (I wish I were part of that clinical trial) to help reduce daily stress and tension while improving mental focus and clarity. The truffle which has 20 calories, one gram of fat, and ranks under 30 on the Glycemic Index, is allegedly safe for diabetics but we recommend that you consult your doctor.

Marketed under the name, the Doctor’s Chocolate, you can learn more about it here.

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